Custom Performance Builds

Prior to talking about what our capabilities are, we must first talk about the definition of “performance”. While many people’s first thought that comes to mind when they hear the word performance is Horsepower, we know that this words is far more dynamic than to just describe a rate of work performed, I.E. Horsepower. We will use the following sub-definitions to describe Centurion’s version of Performance.
Reliability: While all aspects of our definition of Performance are equally important, we put this one first because without this, none of the others can shine. The car/truck must be reliable. You have to be confident in the ability to drive it across country if so desired. Much attention to detail and engineering is required to spot potential reliability issues and design around them.
Drivability: Next on the list is one that is often missed. How many of you have been in a car/truck that your ears are ringing after a ten minute drive because of the drone created by the exhaust? Or the clutch is so stiff and sticky that the thought of getting stuck in traffic keeps you from taking the vehicle out in the first place? We want power, heck, we LOVE power but we MUST be able to use it. We make sure that you have as much brakes and traction as you do power, because you have to be able to slow down in a controlled and safe manor! Our goal is a finished product that you not only have the reliability to travel across the country, but one that is enjoyable on such a long cruise.
Efficiency: This is the ability to beat the “Google Maps” estimated drive time across the country because you aren’t stopping at every gas station on the way! Not all power is created equal. Taking the time to engineer smarter more efficient power goes a long way in shutting down the constant onslaught of attacks from Prius drivers poking fun at your fuel mileage! This can be as simple as updating your old powerplant to EFI including computer control over ignition timing. Now you can stretch the distance between fuel stops in your 19 gallon fuel tank powered by your fuel injected big block ford! These types of changes usually have more benefits than just efficiency. Custom tuning your ignition timing not only drastically improves fuel economy, but makes the car smooth when cruising your high lift cam car through town at 2300 rpm!
Power: This is the foundation of performance as it’s the one that puts the big smile on our face the instant the hammer is dropped! The ability to blur your vision from incredible acceleration is a sensation that many never experience and it is exhilarating! This is the part that turns us adults into children again with “shit-eating” grins as we leave the new convertible corvette at the line in an unassuming application. That satisfaction you get when the corvette pulls up next you with the astonished look on their face and a thumbs up!
Every custom build we create is designed with the above formula. The projects start with a consultation from the customer. We want to get to know you and what makes you tick. We talk about what your desire’s and inspirations are. This will range from the appearance of the vehicle to the function. We want you to connect with the end product in a very personal way. If we can coax an emotional response from you when you see or drive it for the first time, we’ve done our job!