Welcome to Centurion!

Centurion has gone through a vast evolution since it’s beginning in 2009, but there has always been one common theme: An Unrelenting Push for Perfection! Whether it was maintenance as it was in the beginning, or the intricate custom builds and engines that it is now, we have always asked of ourselves the question: “can it be better?” It is that mentality that has allowed us to remove the chains of normal industry standards and apply our own. Centurion stands on four legs of production that allows us to offer not only each product individually, but the combination of all three gives us the ability to create groundbreaking custom builds from A-Z.
In one corner we have the manufacturing center where we design and build custom engines and parts. Here we get to make the power, reliability, drivability, efficiency and most importantly, the sound that is the cornerstone of your car or truck!
In another corner we have the custom tuning and install shop. This is where we assemble all the components and adapt them to the environment they were designed for. Whether you have a street hotrod diesel or a modernized 65’ Mustang Fastback, The right combination of drivetrain, suspension, engines and tuning are required for you to get the most out of your driving experience, and this is where it all comes together!
The implementation of our custom body shop was a no brainer in the mission of what we’re offering to customers. This required fantastic talent and experience which we found and much more in Lonnie Morgan who joined our team and brought with him nearly 40 years of experience, energy and talent to help complete the “trifecta” in our custom build shop!
The last leg is a more quiet one, it sits sometimes in a dark corner with no distractions and music playing to help the creative juices flow. This is the R&D department and with a growing list of tools in the shed including a Solidworks CAD station, 3D scanning and our machining center, it allows us to design and test the combination of systems and parts that make our products unique and experience a level of functionality that has never been seen before! All of our in-house projects start in this room, and many of the components and ideas tested on these projects will find their way into other builds!